Names is a contemporary jewellery line, conceived and created by hand in a Dublin city-centre studio. While incorporating a contemporary aesthetic, the jewellery retains the warmth and tactility of the handmade.

Across collections, the aesthetic for the identity reflects this balance between the hand- and machine-made. The identity naming approach naturally lends itself to serialisation — each collection represented by a group of names.

The logo exists in two complementary states, both optimised for use as jeweller’s marks at tiny sizes.

For the Homespun collection, the identity extends to fit a new direction in terms of imagery and the pieces themselves.

  • Collaborators
  • Photography – Al Higgins
  • Styling (Homespun) – Anna Crudge
  • Recognition
  • IDI Irish Design Awards – Logo Design – Category Winner
  • ICAD – Website Design – Commendation
  • IDI Irish Design Awards – Website Design – Commendation
  • 100 Archive - Archive Selection 2015