/The Creative Workplace

In the creative industries of graphic design, architecture, advertising and digital media, your workspace is a huge statement. The Creative Workplace opens the doors to studios around the world and asks creatives what their workplaces say about them. With an introduction by Rob Alderson (WeTransfer, It’s Nice That), this chunky board-covered publication utilises a modular grid to bring a wide range of visual sources together harmoniously. 

The taxonomical nature of the publication – noting everything from the square footage to the sometimes remote and wild locations – meant that textual information needed to be accessed quickly, focussing the reader on the breadth of visually arresting interior spaces. The graphical ‘speech bubble’ device – housing the title and quotes throughout – derives from the most basic open-doored floorplan of an office cubicle.

  • Recognition
  • ICAD 2017 – Commendation